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The Black Cat Collection


A collection of the very finest quality…

Once again, the symbol of the Black Cat is flavour of the month!
During our great-grandfather’s time, his black cat, a real lover of creature comforts and the warmth, would always sleep on the barrels where the best wines in the cellar were busy fermenting!

Sweet wines to which each grape variety has brought its own special characteristics.

Excellent wines to serve as an apéritif or to partner your most subtle dishes :

  • Muscat Folie du Chat Noir
  • Riesling Secret du Chat Noir :

Médaille d'Argent Riesling du Monde

  • Pinot Gris Mystère du Chat Noir :

Guide Gilbert et Gaillard 2007

  • Gewurztraminer Délice du Chat Noir :

Sigille de la Confrérie St Etienne / Guide Gilbert et Gaillard 2008

Sugar level : level 4 – sweet/dessert wines