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Our Vineyard

With the benefits of an expertise acquired for generations, we cultivate our vineyard in an environmentally friendly way, implementing a voluntary yield control, obtaining an optimal maturity and, of course, an manual harvest.

In order to safeguard the continuing health of the soil and our vines, we have decided to respect the character of our terroirs and the environment in the widest sense of the word.

In order to do so, we have stopped complete chemical weed control and have moved towards limited chemical weed control of the balk (unploughed strip of land), once yearly, thanks to the use of inter-vine hoes that allow weeds to be removed mechanically.

We have also introduced a system of green manure crops and cover planting, in other words, the planting of Winter wheat, barley or radish along every other row, each Autumn or Spring. This means that the vine stock grows in a well oxygenated, productive soil, and therefore draws a maximum of goodness from the earth.

Throughout the year, the different tasks involved in caring for the vines are always carried out in the same spirit of respect towards the vine: close pruning to keep the vine’s growth well under control, disbudding, sucker removal, trellising, bunch thinning… Just before the harvest, we carry out ‘green harvesting’, a technique that allows us to control yields and remove clusters that are badly positioned in order to get the very best from the remaining grape clusters.

Harvest-time comes – this is the really crucial moment…

The optimal ripeness of each grape will determine when the harvest begins, with the weather conditions also being taken into account.

Thanks to our faithful team of grape-pickers, each year our harvest is done entirely by hand. The flexibility of our team and their expertise in grape selection means that we can harvest each plot at its moment of optimal ripeness for the very best results!