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The character of each of our grapes, combined with our expertise, enable us to propose a broad range of wines among which you will probably find your happiness !

Through our various selection (Bacchus, Chat Noir), you will realise that we are continuously seeking the quality, that is the essential condition of your satisfaction and ours…
We reach that quality level by controlling our wine production from the vine to the bottle !

Not hesitate to come tasting all our wines :vins_hartweg.png.png

To help you make your selection, the sugar levels for each wine are indicated:
- dry wine (1 to 5 g of residual sugar) – level 1
- medium dry wine (6 to 15 g of residual sugar) – level 2
- medium sweet wine (16 to 30 g of residual sugar) – level 3
- sweet/dessert wine (31 to 110 g of residual sugar) – level 4